Information Literacy

Orientation Sessions

Orientation sessions provide a friendly introduction to the library. They are offered for new students and staff.

In an orientation session, a library staff member will outline:

Services and facilities offered by the library

The range of available resources including e-resources

How to borrow from the library

How to use the catalog

The length of an orientation session and what information is included can be tailored to the specific needs of a group.

Information literacy sessions

As the skills required to find and use information successfully are essential for effective learning, the library offers sessions designed to help students develop these skills.

An information literacy session is ideally structured around a current course topic or assessment to provide a meaningful context for the development of the skills. Information Literacy modules include:

Finding Books

Topic Analysis

Scholarly vs. Popular Literature  

Effective Web Searching  

Search Strategies/Databases  

Evaluating Web Resources 


Plagiarism and Academic Integrity